Did you know you can buy all your essentials at the same market price without setting foot out of your house?

Oh yes, you can!

@Marthasmaison, you save money and the daily stress of visiting malls when you shop with us.

MM is an online supermarket which delights in bringing your essentials to your doorstep at the same market price with little or no extra cost, and you can be assured every penny spent is worth the value. Here, you pay less for more.

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Our team

During the covid-19 pandemic lockdown, it became apparently clear going about to get buy essentials was very difficult, the long queue and the waiting time was exasperating, then, my friends and I took up the responsibility of supplying basic needs to neighbours without a direct contact, the move was impactful, it was an amazing relief. The experience had birthed MM. Our team is comprised of women with a vast experience in qualitative products coupled with the knowledge of meeting customer's needs.


During the lockdown, I got a supply of noodles at my house from one of the team members at the same market price. I had no cause to go anywhere to get that. I must confess, it was most relieving.